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ABOUT US ~ Admatazz

Yash Chandiramani

Founder and Right Brain

  • Digital Strategy 98%
  • Copywriting 92%
  • Leave Sanctioning 5%

We’re Admatazz, a screen age digital and new media agency that uses online marketing platforms, customized content, media plans and artificial intelligence to create brand presence for companies and engage with their target audience. Much like the word Razzmatazz, we at Admatazz visualise, create and execute campaigns that stand out. We are a Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai that focuses on result-oriented strategies for your brand.

Our offerings are not limited only to social and search; with our strategic partnerships and extremely talented team of developers and media planners, we design and execute campaigns utilizing all forms of online media as well as artificial intelligence, and are one of the first agencies in India to do so.

Founded in 2014, we have serviced almost every kind of industry and signed clients that are market leaders in their niche. Our agency is built on sheer talent and hardwork of our team.


Kunal Kerkar

SEO and Website Development

Part-time competitive bodybuilder with a detailed know-how in search optimization, content creation, ROI tracking and website creation.

  • SEO 98%
  • Reporting and analysis 90%
  • Protein consumption 100%

Kylen D’Souza

Design Executive

BMM graduate with diploma in design. He expresses his creativity in the work that has to be done. Gets sore eyes from excessive designing.

  • Design 98%
  • Juggling multiple projects 90%
  • Eating a burger under 60 seconds 100%

Samyaak Jain

Account Manager and Client Relations 

Business graduate, Closet salesman and smooth talker. He specialises in pitches and curates multiple effortless services as required.

  • HTML 90%
  • PHP 85%
  • Changing the light bulb without a stool 95%

Anshruta Goyal

Account Manager and Social Media

Post graduate in marketing with passion for business. Content creator and social media strategist. Apart from that you’ll find her around books and ice cream.

  • Content Creation 90%
  • Book Lover 95%
  • Mini Meal Eater 100%

Hannah Kagalwala

Senior Account Manager

Part-time fitness junkie, part-time glutton. Expert content creator and social media manager. Extremely brutal when it comes to feedback.

  • Content Creation 95%
  • Creative writing 90%
  • Illustrator 50%

Urvi Shah

Art and Design Director

Design degree from Boston University, Urvi is the backbone of our creative campaigns and innovations. A big fan of the phrase ” Give me the brief on time, man!”

  • Graphic Design 95%
  • UI/UX 90%
  • Disappointed with everybody 99%

Soumil Agarwal

Campaign Strategist

Graduate in marketing with expertise in Media Planning & Influencer Marketing. He’s a movie maniac and you would not find him working without his earphone on.

  • Media Planning & Strategy 98%
  • Influencer Marketing 90%
  • Beer Chugging 100%

Gavin Hendricks


Content creator and research expert. You’ll find him constantly reading blogs and working with a cup of chai. He’s an MMA fan and a part time PUBG player.

  • SEO 75%
  • Social Media MarketingROI Planning 90%
  • Tea Lover 100%

Michelle Fernandes

Campaign Strategist

Certificate course in graphic design and self proclaimed winner of the “who’s always hungry award”. Michelle is the lead burger queen 

  • Design 98%
  • Multitasking 90%
  • Illustrator 100%

Sachet Shah

Campaign Strategist

Graduate with a masters degree from University of Bath – he devises B2C & B2B integrated marketing campaigns and ensures that the organisation’s brand and identity is adhered to in the campaigns. He is a crazy travel Junkie. 

  • Innovative Approach 98%
  • ROI Planning 90%
  • Unusual Travel Stories 100%


Sunil Lalvani

Current: Co-Founder & COO Sparsa Technologies
Past: VP at Qualcomm Asia, Managing Director Blackberry India,Over 2 decades of chronicle experience in the areas of Enterprise Mobility, Collaboration solutions, SaaS, IaaS, Security, Cloud Computing and On-premise business solutions for the Enterprise and SME Market in India.

Rajeev Raja

Creator of the concept of MOGO™ or ‘musical logo’
Rajeev Raja conceived BrandMusiq along with the late JS Mani. Rajeev brings on board over 25 years of experience in branding on the one hand, and music on the other. He was ex-National Creative Director of DDB Mudra and is also known as one of India’s finest Jazz and Fusion flautists.