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CAREERS ~ Admatazz

Work With Us

We’ re always on the lookout for enterprising, young individuals with an inclination towards all things digital. You could be an experienced copywriter, a strategist, a media planner, a developer or a business development executive!

Drop us an e-mail and someone will get in touch with you.

Hiring now for the following positions :

Junior Account Manager

Requirements : Basic social media marketing knowledge, communication skills and basic Photoshop

Experience : 0-1 Year

Graphic Designer

Requirements : Photoshop and Illustrator know-how, basic social media marketing knowledge

Experience : 1-2 Years

Training and Skill Development

We don’t expect you to know everything digital. So we let you choose from a diaspora of resources available.

We’ll help you up your game and work on existing skills through various courses at the Indian Institute of Digital Education that will be completely sponsored by us*.

Also stay updated with the latest happenings, tools and concepts in Digital by workshops held by:

Acclaimed Digital marketing Trainer- Karan Shah,

SEO Expert –Kunal Kerkar

Our CEO- Yash Chandiramani