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We always look for opportunities to push the envelope and think differently. JBCN Education has provided us with complete freedom to do so and it has been a fun journey with tremendous ROI.

We devised a complete search optimisation and social media strategy that included informative blog writing, campaigns, keyword research and loads of engagement.

SEO – A comprehensive search strategy to maintain the brand’s presence on the top of most SERPs for relevant keywords.

Social Media- Creating a community of teachers, parents, students and alumni on social platforms to communicate the school’s mission, activities, beliefs and plans. Our “JBCN Tales” and “Aim for the Stars” campaigns were the most successful in resonating the institutes creativity online.

Media Planning: What use is a good strategy or a great video if it doesn’t reach the right audience? Our media planning team devised the right plan to make sure on-campus videos, and static content were pushed out to relevant audiences through Google, Facebook, Instagram and other mediums.


“Paris is always a good idea” – Audrey Hepburn

But bringing one of the most prominent Salons from Paris to the bustle of Mumbai needs a lot of “Good Ideas”.

Our social media strategy included a great deal of live coverage of events, Twitter conversations and Facebook campaigns.

We launched the Biguine Bio product across all social media channels in sync with their offline campaigns.


When an Ivy League business school decides to host a summer programme in India, the digital presence has to be nothing but larger than life.

We encompassed all aspects of Search, Social and Display marketing to generate leads, awareness and maintain online reputation.

Website Content & Blogs – A big part of an SEO strategy is content and that’s right up our alley. We created articles on various topics such as Entrepreneurship, Guides for young entrepreneurs, Leadership stories and other trending subjects.

Social Media – The best part of social media is you get to listen to your customers in real-time. We created various campaigns that were delivered to the right audience and struck gold in terms of engagement.

Influencer Marketing – We connected the product to the exact target audience through an effective influencer programme by using creative posts, stories and videos. Our media team analyses and selects the best influencers for your product and it results in all the buzz you’d want to create for your brand.


India’s favourite ice-cream shop chain! We were responsible for a campaign strategy for their season’s offerings and created engagement through contests that went off the charts!

Our social media campaign and contests were intended to create engagement and drive traffic to their famous “1st of Every Month” offer.

We curated multiple contests that included tremendous user-generated content as well as conversations.

And the results?

… As sweet as a serving of the Madagascar Chocolate Gelato.


One of the top offline Digital Institutes of India, IIDE, handed over the entire social media mandate to us and it’s been 2 years since they have a BIG smile on their faces.

We hosted a first time ever viva for students on Twitter …Whaaaat?

You heard that right.

Apart from that, campaigns such as #OutOfSyllabus, #WhatIBringToClass and #SoboGoesDigital created a havoc online.

The last campaign generated over 400 organic participants!

Yes, you heard that right too.


A clear example of what creative freedom and progressive strategising can do for a brand.

For one of Mumbai’s most popular QSRs, we created everything: from the packaging design, website interface, marketing collaterals, social media strategy, media buying, ORM and chat interface powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Highlights: India’s first chatbot for restaurants; most innovative Instagram campaigns along with influencers such as Mumbai Foodie; innovative Snapchat campaigns.


Be it the education sector, healthcare sector or beauty sector, we know how to craft content that will interest the target audience. So, when we bagged Freeman Beauty, we knew we were in for a roller coaster ride to convince women to try out different products with our new product launch every few months.

Our unique hashtag and growth hacking strategy helped gain sales as well as create a lot of eyeballs on Instagram and Facebook.


One of the most renowned names in the industry for Family Business, has given us the full creative freedom to express our thoughts which no education sector would be ready to take a risk.

However, we planned a strategic approach to their content, media buying, lead generation and design creation.

We take minute details into consideration whether it is generating leads for interviews or even promoting a talk by their esteemed faculty!

Shivam Autozone

We portray their brand business through creative artwork which helps them to not only stand out but also be a leader in the automobile niche. Whether it’s online marketing or offline, we have got it all covered!

If you think, we do content in English, you have got that wrong! We do content in Hindi and Marathi as well! Surprised, aren’t you?