AI Chat Solutions

When Admatazz moved our focus to chat, we were able to close far more high value sales and ensure a high repeat order value as well.

-Charmi Chheda, Signi Jewels.

The problem:

AI chat bots. The buzz phrase of the decade. However most businesses stop at the tech implementation only.  Resulting in low ROI on the tech and ad costs.

Our solution:

We start from the tech and go onto detailed creative nuances for every customer journey be it pre, post or repeat sales.

Chat to sell is nothing but conversational copywriting to the right audience. Our team of media planners, copywriters and strategists create the entire journey down to every exclamation point for your customers. This ensures higher chance of closure, better lead validity, more repeat business and overall higher engagement.

Project time:

60 days Setup. Ongoing monthly analysis and iterations if required.

Pre- Requisite:

Wesbite, App and a sales team.