Digital Marketing Agency For Automobile Brands

Advertising and automobile industries have always had a very unique relationship. Many cult classic ads were born out of the creative engine of brands like Volkswagen, Audi and the likes of them.

Today, as advertising goes through a digital metamorphosis, automobile brands have to accelerate their digital strategy to meet with the changing demands of their customers. In addition to an active social media presence, they need to enhance their digital touchpoints while also improving their customer experience and retention strategy.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency for an automobile brand in India, keep these pointers in mind:

1. Identify your goals through digital marketing.

It’s important to customise your strategy based on what your final goal is. Within the automobile industry your goals can be categorised based on the following:

  • Awareness
  • Bookings (Test drives/Leads)
  • Footfall to showrooms
  • Increasing Followers on Social Media
  • Enhancing customer experience across digital touchpoints.

Based on the brand’s goal, a digital marketing agency such as ours will assign the right team to help you reach your marketing goal.

2. Frame the problem.

Advertising is nothing but providing brands with solutions and for any digital marketing agency to give you solutions, you must know the problems first.

You want more footfall to the showrooms, but can that be considered as a problem? Definitely not. Your problem needs to be narrowed down further, it needs to be put under a microscope where it can be understood with deep clarity. For example, you might have a good social media following but not even 10% of that can be seen in footfall to showrooms. So the problem is, how many pieces of communication in a month are you devoting to talking about the showroom? Is there any campaign or contest that is actually talking about showrooms? Is there any post for new showroom openings?
A digital marketing agency for automobile industry analyses your data and helps you identify these problems for which they draw out solutions for.

3. Detailing out a Scope.

Once your goal and problem are identified, we move on to detailing a scope.

If you’re looking for more sales and a lack of enquiries is the problem, the scope can include the following:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) for organic enquiries.
  • Lead generation for certain models.
  • Showroom Visit ads for offline traffic.
  • Performance marketing for online booking.
  • CRM marketing for referral enquiries.
  • Creative strategy, including social media, for organic leads.

The list can go on depending on the monetary value of the goals and the timeframe to achieve them.

Why is Admatazz the right digital marketing agency to choose for your automobile brand?

  • We understand automobile content and strategy.
  • We are a creative agency that has a dedicated team that works on automobile marketing for various brands. We know the intricacies each social media post, website banner, emailer or SMS requires with regard to the communication, information and tonality.
  • We have great experience in performance media for automobile brands.
    Our media buying and planning team knows the markets and demographics that bring maximum revenue, keywords that generate the most inquiries, and headlines that get better CTRs. Get a head start from day zero.
  • High ticket product experience.
    Our varied experience across other high-ticket products like real estate, real gold jewellery segment, and lifestyle brands helps us understand the market and its responsiveness quicker.


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Social Media Marketing for Automobile Brands
Social Media Marketing for automobiles requires aesthetic and interactive expertise in design, copy, and overall tonality. Brands have to be careful to ensure their creative visuals are intricately designed with engaging copy to bring out the personality of each car and at the same time keep each piece of content fresh and premium.

Social media marketing services for automobiles include:

  • Static Content.
  • Regular video content for reels and GIFs.
  • Engagement-driven stories.
  • ORM for engaged users.
  • Creating platform-specific content for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and in some cases, LinkedIn as well.
  • Search Engine Optimisation for each model.
  • Search engine optimization is the science of getting your website to rank higher on Google search. It’s the best way to bring in organic traffic based on various levels of intent. Most of the cars begin with inquiries and comparisons online.

For your website to rank well and compete with other automobile brands amongst your target market, we include but do not limit to the following services:

  • Traffic & User Experience Audit.
  • Technical Website Audit – Identifying broken links, crawl issues, load speed etc.
  • Identifying keywords based on intent – Informational, Navigational, Commercial & Transactional.
  • Creating a content rich pages along with a well mapped URL structure.
  • Off Page SEO – Outreach, backlink creation and directory submissions.
  • Constant tracking and monitoring.
Performance Media marketing for the brand.
Performance marketing for each car requires a very specific set of expertise. Depending on your goal and problem we provide the following services but are not limited to it:

  • Brand awareness ads for reach and engagement.
  • Platforms – Facebook and Instagram Ads, Pinterest Ads, Programmatic media buying, Influencer marketing, Google Display, Search and YouTube ads.
  • Lead generation Platforms
  • Platforms – Facebook and Instagram Ads. Google Search and Display ads. Influencer marketing.
E-commerce sales.

  • Platforms – Facebook and Instagram Catalogue ads. Google performance max and Search ads. Programmatic mobile media buying.

Website UX and UI Creation for automobile brands.
As the audiences purchasing cars in India are digitally maturing, it is imperative to have an online storefront or informational website to get the user to take the desired actions.

In this segment, we offer the following:

  • Website Creation – Platform based or Custom built.
  • E-commerce store creation – Platform based or Custom built.
  • User experience creation.
  • Website catalogue (For cars, accessories and after sales).
  • CRM communication
  • Social Media expertise
  • Brand innovations (Virtual experience of the car, virtual store for accessories etc)
  • Digital Brochure
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